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Birders Set World Record for Bird-Spotting this May 9th

Earlier this month, birders set a new record in an annual bird-spotting event, reporting 2.1 million bird observations, and recording 6,479 species. The day this took place, May 9th, is known as Global Big Day, when birders are asked to report their findings worldwide to Cornell Lab's Ebird, a database that compiles data worldwide and year-round of reported bird sightings through individuals' submissions.

Beyond the sheer enjoyment birding provides, tracking the sightings of bird species in your location can help researchers and conservationists better track changes in bird population and activity. At a time many individuals are more housebound due to the dangers of COVID-19, birding and bird reporting can be very therapeutic and stress relieving, and this year's record numbers are suspected to be a result of nationwide lockdowns.

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