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Arlington (Vermont) Sanctuary was purchased in memory of Gordon L. Kirkland (1943-1999), eminent mammalogist who was an expert on bats as well as most other species of mammals. 

The sanctuary is a biologically diverse area with a significant wetland corridor for migratory birds, as well as many nesting species, including wood ducks, Canada geese, great blue herons, hooded mergansers, belted kingfishers, and bald eagles.

Vernal pools, special shallow seasonal pools within the forested area, are found in the forest across the private dirt road from the wetlands. These pools produce significant numbers of important amphibian species such as spotted salamanders and wood frogs.

Part of the woodlands has a high elevation, where
woodcock, barred and great horned owls nest, leading
down to the Battenkill River, known worldwide for its
prominent trout population.

The primary viewing area is on the private No Name Road – open to the public until signage denotes Howell’s Camping Area. There are many species of wildlife that can be easily seen and identified. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has it listed on eBird as a “hotspot” for bird sightings under Howell’s Swamp in Bennington County, VT.


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